3D Secure Q&A

How do I know if a merchant is 3DS compliant? 
If a merchant is 3DS compliant, you’ll be able to see the Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode logo on the site. 

How do I register for 3DS? 
You don’t need to! No registration is required, you’re already ready to go! This feature will be automatically enabled on your card. To make sure everything goes smoothly, please check that we’ve got your latest phone number, as the One Time Passcode (OTP) will only be sent to the mobile number we’ve got on our records.  

What happens if there’s no phone number on my account? 
Sadly, the transaction will be declined, so please make sure you’ve got a verified number in your WeSwap account before proceeding. 

What happens if I enter the 3DS OTP incorrectly? 
You can try again. And again. But the transaction will fail after you enter the wrong passcode 3 times, if so you’ll need to re-initiate the online purchase.  

How long is the passcode valid for once I receive it? 
The passcode will expire 3 minutes after you arrive at the 3DS Mastercard Secure window. 

Can I opt out of the OTP service for online purchases?  
Nope, sorry. An OTP is required for all online purchases made through 3DS enabled merchants. You won’t need an OTP if the merchants don’t support 3DS. 

Can I use one OTP for more than one transaction? 
Nope. Every 6-digit OTP is valid only for that particular transaction and can’t be used for any other one. 

What happens if I don’t receive the OTP?  
It’s most likely that we haven’t got your correct number on file. The OTP will be instantly sent to the mobile phone number in our records after you entered your card details and the Mastercard SecureCode window pops up.  

You can check your registered number in your Account, under ‘’Profile’’ in the dashboard, or ‘’More’’ in the App.  
If the mobile details are correct, you can request for the OTP to be re-sent to you by clicking on "Resend OTP" on the page. 

Can I receive an OTP when I’m overseas? 
We will send the OTP to the mobile phone number on our records. If you’re overseas or using overseas mobile service providers, the service provider may not support international SMS. You’ll have to consult your service provider to confirm this. 


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