Covid-19: Can I still load my account?

We’ve temporarily halted the load function on the app and web dashboard and WeSwappers can currently only load their accounts via bank transfer. 

How do I load via bank transfer? 

To load via bank transfer, please contact customer service for the details by heading to the contact us form or from the pop up "help" here on the button right.

Your funds should arrive in our accounts within 24 hours on business days and by the end of the day on Monday for transfers made at the weekend. You’ll see your money in your WeSwap wallet as soon as we receive it and we’ll also notify you as soon as it arrives. If it has taken any longer than 1 working day, please do get in touch with us. 

Why did you make the decision to stop loads?

With the world at a standstill, we’ve been temporarily scaling down operations throughout the business. As part of this, we’re currently running a reduced package of features across our card, app and web dashboard. 

This is all to make sure our staff stay safe and healthy, the key functions of the business keep going despite our reduced capacity and so we can hit the ground running when the world starts moving again. 

To make sure we can survive in a world that isn’t travelling, we’ve had to be reactive and pragmatic and we realised the need to take temporary action. We decided we needed to extend that period for a little while longer. As we’ve said, we don’t anticipate a long term change on this.




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