Inactivity Fees Q&A

 Why have you now decided to introduce these fees?

Since we launched in 2015, our user base has grown to over half a million. However, we’ve got a number of accounts that have been inactive for years. 

There are lots of different costs to us in keeping these accounts open and unless we’re able to manage those costs we’ll be unable to keep our fees low and make the improvements the product needs. 

Will this impact lots of WeSwappers?

We anticipate that this will impact only a handful of WeSwappers, the large majority of which have under £5 in their accounts and won’t have used WeSwap for well over the 12 months threshold or never even activated their cards.

What do you define as ‘inactive’? 

We consider a WeSwapper inactive if you haven’t swapped, loaded or spent on your account for 12 months or more. 

How long will I have to have been inactive to begin being charged?

12 months, we will begin charging the fees on month 13 of inactivity. These fees will come into effect from 30/06/2020 and any time your card has been inactive before this date will be included in the 12 months.

Will you let me know if I’m about to become inactive?

We’re doing everything we can to make sure these fees aren’t harsh on WeSwappers who holiday less regularly. We’ll be in touch with anyone whose accounts are about to become inactive with clear guidelines on ‘reactivating’ their accounts.

How much is the inactivity fee? 

Only £2 (or the equivalent across the other wallets) a month until an account is active again, the account balance reaches zero or the WeSwapper’s card expires. The fee will appear as “fee” in your activity log in the app or web dashboard. 


How can I make my account active again? 

By making a swap, loading your account or using your card for a purchase. This can include spending in your home country and be for as little as 1p. 

Will I be charged if my WeSwap card has expired? 

Yes. You can read all about that here.

Will I be charged if there’s no money in their account?


I’ve never loaded my account, but I have funds in there from a promotion, will I be charged? 

This will depend on the T&Cs of the promotion. Please refer to the specific T&Cs to find out. 

What if I don’t have any funds in my account and I won’t “reactivate” it?

If you’ve been inactive for over 12 months and your card hasn’t expired, then nothing will happen unless you contact us and ask us to close your account. 

If you’ve been inactive for over 12 months and your card has expired, we’ll contact you to let you know we’re going to be closing your account. 

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