Sending money to another WeSwap account  

Do you want to share your restaurant bill with your friends or make an unexpected birthday gift for your son on holiday abroad?
Sending Money to another WeSwap account is easy and instant!

  • When in the main page of the App, click on 'Send' on the currency wallet that you want to transfer.
  • The first time you want to transfer money, you will be asked to have access to your contacts list, click on “Allow contacts”.
  • Once allowed, you will see who’s on WeSwap under the section “Contacts on WeSwap”.
  • If your friend has a WeSwap account, he will appear under the section “Contacts on WeSwap”, and you will need to click on “Send” next to the name and enter the amount you would like to send, then confirm it by pressing ‘Send’ again.
  • A pop up will come up, please double check the details of the transfer (amount and the recipient) as this is irreversible, if these details are correct please click on “Send”, again if not, to go back click on “Cancel”.

…And done! Your friend doesn’t have excuses to not pay you back that cocktail 😊

Your friend does not appear on your contacts list? To appear in your contacts list, your friends need to have a fully verified account (with a verified email address or phone number), which matches the details stored in your contacts.

Are you sure that one of your contacts have a WeSwap account but you can only invite him/her and you cannot send funds? First, check the contact details as sometimes there is a need to have the full name or both phone number and email address to send funds to the account. If you need more information, please check our dedicated FAQ.

Check here our transfer limits and conditions. 


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