WeSwap Buyback of your left over currency

 How does it work?

Have you got currency sitting at home in kitchen drawers?

You can send back spare foreign currency notes you have remaining following your holidays. WeSwap, in partnership with Currency Online Group (COG), converts the currency back into GBP and puts it straight back onto your WeSwap account within a speedy three working days.

Here’s how it works:

  • Head to our buy back page and fill in what notes you’d like to send back, and how much.
  • To get your WeSwap account number and sort code, log in to access your Dashboard. Under "My Travel Wallet", on your home currency select "Load Money", then select “Load by bank transfer”. You will see your WeSwap account details. From the App, in your home currency wallet view, select “Load”, and then again “Load by bank transfer”.


  • Once you placed the order, it’s time to pop your currency in the post. Print out your order form and send it along with your notes. We’d highly recommend using Royal Mail Special Delivery, in a tamper-proof envelope, for security.
  • Once we’ve received your cash we’ll convert back into GBP and load onto your WeSwap account in a speedy three working days. 

A few key facts:

  • We only accept notes at the moment, sorry! We’d love to do a coin version in future.
  • You can only have it paid to your personal WeSwap Account.
  • We’ll give you an estimated rate when you place the order. When we receive your currency cash we will then apply the rate of that day. And confirm by email what you should expect.
  • How much does it cost? 1% - 2% for major currencies like Euros and Dollars, and slightly more for more exotic ones.

We’re sorry but we are unable to accept 500 Euro notes, 1000 Swiss Franc notes and some old notes.









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