WeSwap Holiday Cover

Working with our friends at Setoo, we now offer users another way to stress less and travel happy with WeSwap Holiday Cover. 

WeSwap Holiday Cover offers you instant compensation - from delay compensation to lounge access while you wait - to help you out if your flight is delayed, cancelled or if you miss a connection. 

You can find out more and get a free quote here and if you have any questions, here’s a list of handy FAQs. 

How much does it cost? 

The cost of your policy depends on the details of your flight and which policy you purchase.

How do you work out how much my policy will cost?

The price is calculated in real-time according to many parameters, for example, the date, airline, and airport. This means you only pay the exact price for the specific risk for your journey.

Is the cost and policy compensation per passenger or per booking group? 

Both the cost and policy compensation are per passenger, per booking (so all the flights you enter when getting a quote). If you’re flying in a group, you’ll need to purchase individual policies. 

How late does my flight need to be to get compensation? 

When you’re given a quote specifically tailored for you. The offer will tell you what must happen for you to be compensated (the trigger), and what compensation you’ll receive.  

How will I know if I’m going to be compensated? 

Setoo monitors all your flights and if any of your flights are late, diverted or cancelled by the airline, they’ll text you to let you know your compensation is on its way. 

Where will my compensation be sent? 

Your compensation will be sent to the same account you used to purchase the policy or you can choose where the funds will be sent. E.g. another card or a PayPal account.

How long will it take to receive my compensation?

Everything is immediate and automatic. You don’t have to file a claim. As soon as Setoo knows the flight is delayed, they transfer the compensation funds or let you know you can head to a lounge to wait. 

How will I know when my claim has been paid?

You’ll receive a payment confirmation via SMS as soon as the payment has been sent to you.

Can I get compensation put onto my WeSwap card? 

This is something we’re working on but is currently not possible. You can pay for your policy with your WeSwap card, and if the policy is triggered, you can choose where the funds will be sent. (another card or a PayPal account).

What’s covered by my policy?

The details of what is covered by your policy will depend on which policy you purchase. Each offer is unique and tailored to the specific flights you enter.

On my policy it says ‘Trigger Time’, what does this mean?

‘Trigger Time’ is the time (local time) your flight will need to land by, at its planned destination airport, for your automatic compensation to be triggered. 

Will my policy cover me for reasons outside my control? Something like an unannounced strike, technical problems, bad weather etc?

Yep. No matter what the cause of the delay, once your Trigger Time has passed you’ll receive automatic payment.

My plane took off on time but landed later than the scheduled time of arrival. Does this count as a delay?

It does.

So long as your flight lands later than the Trigger Time, is diverted to another airport, or is cancelled by the airline, you’ll be compensated.

 Will I need to fill out any claim forms or provide evidence to support my claim after I’ve received payment?

Nope. Once you’ve received your payment, that’s it. 

Who do I contact if I have any questions about the policy or queries regarding my claim?

If you have any questions, our friends at Setoo are here to help. You can contact them by emailing setoo@axa-customerservices.com  or calling +44 207 0521654 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm).

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