How to tag and export trip expenses

You can tag and export transactions as business expenses in just a few taps in the app.

To tag an expense: 

  • Swipe left on an activity and tap "Expense". This will mark it with a nice blue line for easy identification later.  

Any activity, including transactions, loads, swaps or fees, is taggable as an expense in this way.  

To un-tag: 

  • Just swipe again and hit “Remove Expense”. 


Now you are ready to export! 


To export your transactions: 

  • Tap on the "Export" logo next to “Activity”.  
  • Choose the date range and what types of transactions you want to export. You can choose between only the ones tagged as “expenses” or “All activities”. Then hit Export! This will generate a CSV file that you can send on or save for later.  

On the file you’ll find the amount, the exchange rate, the transaction category and the status, all laid out in clear easy to read columns to make admin and claiming expenses back super easy.  

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