Black Friday 1% Instant Swap Email Promotion

1% Instant Swap Promotion

Use your unique promo code to access 1% instant swaps all day on 28th November 2019 GMT.

How to get this offer

To access 1% instant swaps, you must have received an email on 28th November 2019 from WeSwap outlining the offer with your unique promo code. Click on the unique link in the email to access the promotion landing page and then enter your unique promo code in the pop-up gate that appears.

You will then be eligible for 1% instant swaps on 28th November 2019 GMT. Once you have made an instant swap you'll receive the discount from your regular instant swap rate as a refund back into your WeSwap account within 3 working days.

The legal bit

This promotion (“the Promotion”) is available to existing WeSwap customers who have been sent the 'Black Friday 1% Instant Swap' email. You must: 

  • Have received the 'Black Friday 1% Instant Swap' email from WeSwap.
  • Have a fully validated account.
  • Have clicked on the unique link in the email and input your unique promo code to access the landing page.

In most cases, your refund will be credited to your account within 3 working days, but in exceptional circumstances may take up to 15 working days.

  1. Each customer is eligible for this Promotion only once. 
  2. If you close your account and open a new one, the Promotion will no longer apply.
  3. You must complete your instant swap on 28th November 2019 GMT for the Promotion to apply. If you swap after this date, you will not qualify for the Promotion.
  4. WeSwap reserves the right to not apply the Promotion if we suspect any form of cheating, fraudulent activity, or improper use of the product.
  5. Any bonus is a non-refundable promotion.

We reserve the right to amend, vary, or cancel these terms and conditions or to withdraw this Promotion at any time upon reasonable notice. Communication of such amendment, variation or cancellation will be added to these terms.

The WeSwap product is subject to Terms and Conditions. Please see full terms

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