Why don’t you issue shareholder cards anymore? (Q&A)

In 2017, following a large investment round, we issued select shareholders with a custom designed WeSwap card to say thanks for investing. If these cards expired or needed to be replaced, shareholders would be issued another custom card.

In October 2019, we made the decision to stop issuing these cards and to issue all selected shareholders with our regular WeSwap card once their current cards expired or needed to be replaced.

Here is a Q&A explaining that decision and what it means if you were previously entitled to a shareholder card.

Why did you decide to stop give shareholders a custom WeSwap card?

The shareholder cards were really costly to produce, so when the stock run out in October 2019, as a business we decided it was no longer cost effective.

We decided we wanted to invest the money we were spending on the shareholder cards into improving the wider WeSwap product instead.

What do I do with my current shareholder card?

As long as your card hasn’t expired (the expiry date can be found along the front), your card will continue to work as normal until it expires. You can then request a replacement card.

Which card will I receive once my shareholder card expires or if I need a replacement?

You’ll receive our regular WeSwap card (although we don’t think of it as just a regular card). They’re contactless and feature a brand -new, vertical design that responds to how we actually use our cards in 2019.


I never received an investor card or didn’t know I was entitled to one, does change something?

Unfortunately not. We no longer have any of the shareholder cards left in stock and will not be producing any more. If you’d like to order a new card, find out how to do that here.

Or, if you haven’t signed up to WeSwap yet and you’d like to, click here.

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