Where can I use my WeSwap Prepaid Mastercard card?

Now you can spend anywhere with WeSwap!

As well as being able to swap into any of our 18 “wallet” currencies, you can now also use your home balance to spend anywhere in the world and we’ll convert it for you on the spot.

You now have two great ways to use your WeSwap account to spend abroad.

If you are travelling to a Euro country, or to America, or to any one of our 18 “wallet” currencies, then you can optimise your rates by swapping your home currency (or any available currency on your account) into that currency in advance.


Now you have another option too: Travel to any country in the world and simply spend using your home currency balance. We’ll exchange the transaction amount to the equivalent home currency amount using the Mastercard foreign exchange rate, at the same fee as our 2% instant swap fee.

Job done.

What if I have money in my home wallet and another wallet, like USD? How will the card know which wallet to take from?

 Your WeSwap card is smart - it will first check whether you have enough of the right currency in your wallets, before using your home balance. So, if you’re in America and you have enough dollars in your USD wallet to cover the transaction, then that is where the money will be taken from. If you don’t have enough dollars in your wallet, then it will use your home balance.

We always suggest you, if possible, to swap to one of our supported currencies, because this is cheaper for you.


Can I combine money from wallets to cover one transaction?

 No. One transaction cannot combine currency from two different wallets.  If you don’t have enough money to cover the whole transaction in one wallet, then that transaction will fail.


What will my activities look like?

Exactly the same. When you spend in one of our non-wallet countries, the money will be deducted in your home currency. The fee will be also be displayed separately.


How will I know which exchange rate I was charged?

We’ll exchange the transaction amount to the equivalent home currency amount using the Mastercard foreign exchange rate. You can check the rate you were charged by logging in into your account, selecting the transaction you want to check will open a new page where you can see the exchange rate you got.


Can I use a non-supported currency online?

 You can see more information about the use of the Prepaid WeSwap Card online here.


Do I need to update the latest version of the app?

 We always recommend updating to the latest version as we’re reacting to feedback, ironing out little bugs, making small improvements and generally making things better.


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