How do I use my WeSwap card worldwide? (Global Currencies Q&A)

Global Currencies are what we call the currencies that don’t have a wallet but that your WeSwap card can still be used to spend in. Outside of the 18 wallet currencies, this is pretty much every currency in every country in the world. The only exceptions are here.

When using Global Currencies, just make sure there’s money in your home currency wallet (the currency used in the country you set up your account in).

We exchange the transaction amount to the equivalent home currency amount using the Mastercard foreign exchange rate, and then simply charge you our 2% instant swap fee.

Can I swap in advance into the Global Currencies?

No. You can only set up swaps in the app or web dashboard between 18 currencies.

We’re currently unable to provide advance swaps into our Global Currencies. Instead, when you spend in one of those currencies, we make the swap instantly as soon as you make a transaction.

What happens if I have money in another currency to my home currency?

If you don’t have funds in your home currency, you can swap back from any available currency or you can top up your account.

If I have a free swap, can I use it to swap into a Global Currency?

No. You can only use your free swaps to set up an advance swap to any of our 18 supported currencies.

For all other currencies, you won’t need to create a swap.

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