Will I be charged if I don't use my card/account?

We do not want to be charging people for their inactivity - we understand that not everybody will use their account constantly. However, there are costs to WeSwap in having dormant accounts open, and unless we can manage these costs, we will not be able to continue to offer the extremely low fees that we do. Your WeSwap account will not be charged if you have never used your WeSwap card, or if there are no funds on the account.

There is an inactivity fee of £2 would only be charged for each month your account is inactive after a period of 12 months' inactivity. We do have systems in place to try to avoid these fees being charged: when your account is in danger of becoming inactive, we will email you to make you aware and suggest that you use your WeSwap account or request to close it. Any activity on the account will render it active again: a load, a swap or a spend/ATM transaction. So, if there are funds on your WeSwap account and it is at risk of becoming inactive, you can avoid this by using your WeSwap card to buy a coffee or another low cost item. 

You can find a list of our fees and limits here.

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