What Happens If I See A Transaction I Didn't Make?

If there is a transaction which you did not make or is incorrect, we can dispute this on your behalf.

Try using this handy checklist before going through the disputes process. It could save you a tenner.

Have you:

  • Checked all your receipts and cross checked this with your account activities.
  • Checked your transactions. All your transactions can be found under "Activity" on your dashboard. Click on “Activity” to view your transactions. You can select filters to narrow your views, if you like too. You may see a tab saying “Spent in …” followed by the country code with an amount to the right and a date under it. Click on the wording to see a full breakdown of what you spent. The amount next to “Spent in …” is the total you spent in that time period in a particular country.
  • Checked with the merchant if they have made a mistake.

Some examples of disputes:

  1. Unauthorised Use of the Card: Your card details were used without your permission.
  2. Unauthorised Purchases. If the transaction was declined and the funds were taken anyway. Or, when you are charged more than what you agreed too. Remember that security deposits for hotels, cruises and rentals and offline transactions such as petrol stations and toll booths are slightly different cases. Click here to find out more.
  3. Fraudulent Transactions: If you do not recognize the merchant or the value of the transaction.
  4. Non Receipt of Goods or Services: You paid for something which you did not receive.

Please Note: All disputes raised must have the card replaced. This is because the long card number could be used again in the future. When there is an error with how the merchant settled the payment (e.g. charged too much) the card doesn’t need to be replaced as there is no risk to the long card number being used again without permission. So it is important to check with the merchant first wherever you can.

How Long Does It Take?

A dispute will take 45 days to be fulfilled, during this time, the merchant has the opportunity to challenge the dispute and send a response to Mastercard advising they will not refund the funds.

The 45 day processing time starts from the date that Mastercard confirms they have opened the dispute. It can take up to 5 working days for Mastercard to confirm they have received the dispute form.

You can get in touch with us from the contact form below, and we will provide you with the dispute form.

Once you get the form, fill it in and send it to us including the following details:

  • Any receipts showing cancelled or void transactions
  • Any correspondence or confirmation of cancelled transactions you have from the merchant
  • The merchant name
  • The amount that you are disputing
  • The date and time of the incorrect transaction

We cannot raise a dispute with Mastercard without the dispute form completed. To send us your dispute form now, click on the submit a request button below. 

Please be aware that if the dispute is unsuccessful, meaning the merchant is has challenged the dispute, we will charge you the £10 chargeback fee.

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