Can I Use My Card in Multi-Currency ATMs?

There are a few reasons why we don’t recommend using multi-currency ATMs.

1 – The WeSwap card works by recognizing the official currency of the country. So if for example you have Euros on your WeSwap card and try to withdraw Euros from a multi-currency ATM in the UK you won’t be given Euros from your WeSwap Euro balance. Why? Because the official currency of the UK is GBP and the ATM will only look for GBP to make the conversion to Euros.

2 - Some multi-currency ATMs apply their own currency conversion (which can be hidden), via a mechanism called Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC). They charge a margin that is controlled by the merchant. So it’s best to withdraw in the local currency at your destination to avoid this charge.

Remember that ATM fees can apply and you can see our fees here.

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