What ATM limits are there?

You can make 2 ATM transactions per 24-hour period. 

Checking your balance at an ATM counts as an ATM transaction so it’s always best to use the app or your online dashboard online to check your balance. 

The maximum amount you can withdraw at an ATM in the 18 wallet currencies (except your home currency*) daily is the equivalent of £500.  

When withdrawing in any other non-wallet currency, you can withdraw a maximum of the equivalent of £400 every 7 days*. 

You can check the fees and limits list here. 

* When spending in your home currency (the currency used in the country you set up your account in), you can withdraw a maximum of £200 every 7 days (or the equivalent in another currency) and make transactions for a maximum of £150 every 7 days. Once these limits have been reached, you’ll have to wait until the following week to be able to withdraw and spend again.  



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