Key Things To Note Before You Travel

Swap your money.
We don’t want you to get caught out whilst abroad. For your WeSwap card to work you need to Swap your money to the currency you want. You can swap to any of the 18 currencies we support.

Use your own debit card to load your account.
For your security and ours we need to verify where funds are coming from. For this reason, we advise loading from your own debit card. 

Spend in countries where the official currency is one we support.

This is really important. The WeSwap card works by recognising the official currency of the country you are in. Here are a couple of examples to make things a little clearer J.

  1. You’re in France. When you to spend or withdraw Euros. So when you put your WeSwap card into a payment terminal or ATM, it will search for Euros. If you haven’t swapped funds to Euros you won’t be able to get money from the ATM or pay at the point of sale. Why? Because the WeSwap card automatically recognises that the official currency of France is Euro. The payment terminal/ATM machine therefore will only look for Euros. So remember to swap your money before your travel.
  1. You’re in Barbados. You want to withdraw and make payments in US Dollars (USD) and you’ve swapped money to USD. The card may still not work when spending USD in Barbados. Why? The official currency of Barbados is the Barbadian dollar. The payment terminal or ATM will look for Barbadian Dollar to complete the transaction. As you only have USD and not Barbadian Dollar on your WeSwap card the transaction may not go through.

If the official currency is not one that we support the WeSwap card may not work. If it does work, we can’t guarantee that no other fees will be charged by the merchant.

Avoid using your card for security deposits or off-line transactions.

As a prepaid card the WeSwap card can behave a little differently for these types of transactions. Click here for more information.

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