Key Things To Note Before You Travel

You can use your WeSwap card to make payments or ATM withdrawals in over 150 currencies worldwide.

Last minute packer? Simply use your home balance to spend anywhere in the world, and we’ll convert it for you on the spot. We use the Mastercard foreign exchange rate, and charge you our 2% instant swap fee.

Time to plan? Swap your money upfront for even better rates. If you’re travelling to a country where the official currency is one of these 18 currencies, you can lock in an even better rate by swapping your money to any of them upfront. 

Avoid using your card for security deposits or off-line transactions.

By this we mean things like toll booths, petrol pumps or using your card to check in to a hotel. As a prepaid card the WeSwap card can behave a little differently for these types of transactions. Read more about this here

Use your own debit card to load your account.
For your security and ours we need to verify where funds are coming from. For this reason, we advise loading from your own debit card.

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