My PIN isn’t Working

The best thing to do is confirming you have the correct PIN. 

You can get your PIN via a text from the app or web dashboard.

In the app 

  • Tap the My Card tab 
  • Tap Get PIN and follow the prompts 
  • We'll text you your PIN 

In the website 

  • Log into your account and click welcome at the top right of the page 
  • Click PIN retrieval and follow the prompts 
  • We'll text you your PIN 

To unblock the PIN, find an ATM which has the PIN unblock functionality and follow the prompts.  

We would recommend using an ATM associated with a major bank as they usually offer this service, rather than an independent ATM as we cannot guarantee this function will be available.  Alternatively, you can withdraw cash using the correct PIN from an ATM after midnight (GMT), which will unblock the PIN, allowing you to continue to use your card as normal following the successful transaction. Clickhereto find the nearest ATMs to you. 

Remember,if youve been issued a replacement card you will also have a new PIN, so double check you are using the right PIN for your card.  


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