My Bank Transfer is Not Showing in My Account.

Bank transfers made in the UK can take up to 24 hours for GBP transfers and 3-5 working days for other currencies to show on your WeSwap account.

If more than 24 hours for GBP transfers or more than 5 business days have passed for other currencies send us a message with the following information.

  • The amount you transferred
  • The date of the bank transfer
  • The reference you entered*
  • The name of the bank you transferred from (e.g. Barclays)
  • Your bank account number and sort code
  • The bank account number you made the transfer to
  • Attach the proof of payment receipt (if you have it)

*Please check that you entered the WeSwap reference code, which will look something like this: WSWGBAAA1111. This is important as our systems uses the reference to recognise that the transfer is yours and enables it to automatically load the money onto your WeSwap account.

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