I can't activate my WeSwap card

We’re sorry to hear that.  

If you can’t activate your card over the phone, try the following: 

  • Try typing the numbers slower, especially the repeated ones and hold each digit down for at least 1 second. 
  • Don’t use the speaker phone. It can interfere with how the automated service captures the numbers. 
  • If possible, try another handset (we know sometimes Skype phones can cause an issue with the automated service). 

If you’ve tried to activate it using the app or online 

  • Check you’ve entered the correct mobile number by looking at your account details.  

Still can’t activate your card? Send us the following information by using the submit a request box below for us to take a look. We’ll need to know: 

  • Date and time of the call 
  • Type of phone and model used 
  • The telephone number you made the call from 
  • The network provider of the telephone number you used 
  • The first 4 number and the last 4 numbers of the card (e.g. 5555XXXXXXX5555) 


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