I Can’t See My Invited Friends.

It’s so great you’re powering the people’s currency exchange!

We don't currently display a list of your invited friends on your dashboard. We're working on it and we'll update our Facebook, Twitter and Blog when we do.

It’s important to check a couple things:

  • Have your friends received their verification email? If they haven’t they probably need to finish signing up, or to submit some documents so confirm this with them.
  • It can take up to 5 working days for you to see your friends referral credit.
  • You can’t currently see your list of friends but we are working on making this available.

If you don’t think your friend has been linked to your account send us a message with:

  • Your WeSwap registered email address
  • The name of the person you invited
  • The registered WeSwap email address of the person you invited.

We’ll look into it and  get it sorted.

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