Why WeSwap

Why choose WeSwap?

WeSwap supports card payments and ATM withdrawals in over 150 currencies worldwide – so pretty much all of them. Your card will auto-convert your home balance to the currency you're spending in.
Alongside this, you can also hold an exchange up to 18 different currencies in different wallets in your account. You can lock in an even better rate by swapping your money to any of them upfront.

At WeSwap we do things a little differently. Instead of swapping money with the bank or exchange brokers we swap the money within our WeSwap community, cutting out the middle man and passing on the saving to you! You don’t need to find people to swap with. Anyone signed up to WeSwap can swap money with any of our users. We do all the hard work so you can stress less and travel happy.

Ever worry about taking too much or too little money abroad? 

With easy access to your currency from our App or website you can load, swap and have your currency available within a few clicks!

NO MORE WASTED CURRENCY - Swap leftover currency at great rates to spend in shops, restaurants, online or withdraw from the ATM. Or, keep the money on the card until your next holiday and swap again.

But my bank offer’s 0% commission.

Some currency providers promise “0% commission”, the reality is that they mark-up their exchange rate to include their fee instead. This can be up to 13% over the real, mid-market rate on the day, making your currency exchange anything but free! At WeSwap we show you all our fees upfront so you don’t need a PHD in applied mathematics to figure out how much your currency cost you. 

WeSwap users swap currency at the real, mid-market exchange rate, and we charge 1% for a 7-day swap, 1.3% for a 3-day swap and 2%* if you want an immediate swap.

* For all users who registered prior to 08/05/2017 immediate swap fee is 1.4%



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