I Want to Change My Address

We can update your address for you. Please send us one of the documents listed below to support@weswap.com requesting the change of address.

Proof of Address

  • Utility bill (e.g. Water, Gas, electricity, landline telephone or internet) Mobile Phone Bills Are Not Accepted
  • Bank statement – which clearly shows your full name, address. Bank Letters Are Not Accepted
  • An official form of ID which shows your current address 

Please make sure that the document meets the below criteria: 

  • The document is in date – It is valid and are not expired or due to expire within the next 3 months
  • The full document is legible- i.e. we can see all of the document and nothing is obstructing us from seeing any details on it.
  • The flash is not obscuring any visibility of the document
  • Contains your full name and matches the details of your new address
  • If you are sending us a scan/picture of the document please ensure that it is in colour (black and white scans cannot be accepted)
  • Uploaded in a JPEG, JPG, DOC, DOCX, JNG, GIF or PDF format

Once we receive your email, we will update as soon as possible.

Submit a Request

If you can't find the answer you are looking for please submit a request to our customer support team.