I Used My WeSwap Card for a Security Deposit but I Was Charged. What Do I Do?

As a prepaid card, the WeSwap card isn’t designed to be used for security deposits. We can still help sort this out. 

Please check the date of the transaction. It can take up to 30 days for the transaction to automatically reverse into your account. If you have written confirmation from the hotel, cruise liner or rental merchant that the transaction was a deposit and you’ve settled your bill we can release this sooner for you. 

If you can’t get written confirmation, we’ll need to allow the full 30 days to pass in order to get the automatic reversal.  Please wait for 30 days after the transactions date has passed before contacting us. 

Why did this happen? 

Your WeSwap card works just like a debit or credit card to pay for things in shops, restaurants and to withdraw cash. However, as a prepaid card there are a few occasions where it behaves slightly differently, and security deposits are some of those occasions (more info can be found here). 

When using the WeSwap card for security deposits the merchant typically estimates your final bill and takes the relevant amount on your card to cover them against non-payment.  

This leaves the estimated amount temporarily unavailable to spend. With a credit card, this generally doesn't impact you, as it simply uses up some of your available credit limit. But with the WeSwap card, or indeed any prepaid cards, because you have pre-loaded the funds, it has the effect of reducing the available spending balance. 

Sometimes these blocks also called pre-authorisations’ can be large and may remain in place for up to 30 days (even after you've settled your bill), so we recommend using a different card for security deposits. You can of course use your WeSwap card to settle your final bill at the end. 

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