Our Super Swapper Programme [Closed]

**Update June 2019: Unfortunately, we've decided to wrap up our Super Swapper programme for now to focus on other projects as a business. Remember you can always refer friends directly from your WeSwap account. A big thank you to all our Super Swappers over the years!**



Fuel more travel fun






Earn more to spend abroad as a WeSwap Super Swapper


Love to travel and share our gusto for doing travel money differently? Join our team of Super Swappers and earn super money spreading the swapping revolution.


Keen to join in? Here's what it's all about.


What are Super Swappers?


Being a Super Swapper is a great way to earn extra travel money by spreading the word and recruiting new members to the WeSwap community. It's like being a Brand Ambassador, but a bit more super.


It’s super simple. The more members you bring on board, the more you can earn!


What can I earn?


You’ll get £10 for every new person you bring to the community plus bonuses when they swap.

For every user who joins WeSwap via your personal link, there are three chances to earn money:


1. £10 when they become a full WeSwap user.
2. £2 once they’ve swapped £300 in their first 6 months.
3. £3 once they’ve swapped £600 in their first 6 months.


There’s no cap to how many people you invite, so the sky’s the limit to what you can earn!


We'll also invite you to join our Super Swapper Facebook community, where you can chat, find tips from other Super Swappers, win bonuses and maybe even join a social event or two.


What do the people I invite get?


A brilliant product for their travels – they’ll save up to 90% on their travel money vs going to banks and bureaux. That’s people power!


We’ll also put £5 free travel money on their WeSwap cards to get them started. So they’ll essentially get a few free drinks on holiday, thanks to you!


How do I get going?


Ready to join in? To become a Super Swapper you’ll need to join us and successfully refer 5 people to join WeSwap via your WeSwap referral link. You can find out how to do that here.


Think of this as your initiation to the fold. You'll get to learn what we're all about and you'll still start earning money right away. Once you’ve done this, we're also able to give you free currency exchange with WeSwap– for life!


When you’ve referred 5 people, email us at SuperSwappers@weswap.com with a few words on why you'd make a great Super Swapper.


If successful, we'll set you up with your own personalised WeSwap page, a starter kit to help you refer even more people and invite you to join our Super Swappers Facebook community.


Then the rest is up to you! Spread the word and give out your unique link to as many people as possible.


How do I get paid?


All cash rewards will be credited direct to your WeSwap account. Once someone you’ve referred has fully signed up to WeSwap, you’ll see your first £10 reward appear in your WeSwap account within 5 working days.


The rewards you earn once your referrals have swapped £300 and £600 are paid to your account every 3 months in March, June, September and December, before the 20th of each month.


We’ll also send you monthly updates on how many people have joined, swapped and how much you have earned. You can also see how much you’ve earned at any time by going to “Activity” on your WeSwap dashboard.


How can I recruit more members?


There are loads of great ways to spread the word and each Super Swapper has their own methods. Ultimately it’s all about encouraging people to join WeSwap via your website link. Good ways to start are by sending out an email to your friends, posting updates on social media, or by pasting your link onto local online community pages.


Here are some tips:


  • Many of our members (certainly not all) are young-ish, tech savvy travellers looking for a good deal. Try to think about where you can find these people, that's where you'll find future WeSwappers - e.g. money saving forums, travel communities, clubs to name a few.
  • Do encourage your referrals to provide full and accurate details when they join WeSwap so that their application is trouble-free. This includes making sure they use their real home address when they join – we can’t send cards to businesses or third party addresses – and checking that things like their email and date of birth is accurate.

  • Don’t forget, people can join WeSwap from 10 different countries, and we offer 18 currencies - and counting! Communities of people who often travel to our supported countries make great WeSwappers.
  • If you’re a blogger or respected online community member, feel free to share your member URL! Don’t spam though - if you post your link too often, you’ll lose credibility and WeSwap will as well. It's much better to focus on quality.


If you’ve got a great idea to help spread the word get in touch and we’ll do our best to help. Contact us any time at SuperSwappers@WeSwap.com.


Super Swapper Terms & Conditions


  1. The Super Swapper Programme (the “Programme”) is open to users aged 18 or over who have been accepted for a full WeSwap account.
  2. To qualify for the Programme, participants must successfully refer 5 new users to join WeSwap via their account referral link and email SuperSwappers@weswap.com ewith a few words on why you’d make a great Super Swapper.
  3. Once accepted, participants will receive a unique Super Swapper referral link. For every new user who joins WeSwap via this link and is accepted for a fully validated WeSwap account, participants will be eligible to receive the following rewards:

    1. £10 when a referred user joins WeSwap and is accepted for a fully validated WeSwap account.
    2. £2 when they’ve swapped £300 in their first 6 months.
    3. £3 when they’ve swapped £600 in their first 6 months.

  4. Referred users must be new users who do not have an existing WeSwap account. Each new user is screened for duplicate information. Duplicate accounts will result in the promotion being withdrawn and may result in you being removed from the Programme.
  5. Rewards will be credited directly to the participant’s WeSwap account. The first £5 reward will be credited within 5 working days after a referred user is accepted for a full account. Subsequent swap rewards will be accumulated and paid every quarter in March, June, September and December.

  6. We reserve the right to retract the full amount of the promotional bonus if you fail to make a Card Transaction or Currency Swap Transaction within 30 days from the date the bonus arrives in your account.
  7. We reserve the right to discontinue participation in the programme, suspend or remove a bonus, to either the participant or referred user, if we suspect any form of cheating, fraudulent activity, improper use of the product or if the participant has otherwise engaged in conduct which may breach any law or regulation or be detrimental to WeSwap’s reputation.
  8. We reserve the right to amend, vary, or cancel these terms and conditions or to withdraw the Programme at any time.


Service is subject to WeSwap Terms and Conditions. Please see full terms here: www.weswap.com/en/terms/

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