WeSwap is an online, person-to-person currency exchange service. 

By matching people who are travelling in opposite directions, we allow holidaymakers, expats and business travellers around the world to swap their different currencies without using banks or expensive retail outlets. It’s cheaper, more personal and we’d like to think it makes people happier too. 

Swapping is easy. Just tell us how much you want to exchange and when you need it by, then let us do the rest. We’ll match you to any number of people with the currency you need and automatically swap your money. Your money is then instantly available to spend or withdraw on the free multi-currency WeSwap Prepaid Mastercard you’ll be sent on opening an account. 

Alternatively, you can just use your card like a regular debit card. Top it up and spend it over 180 countries, wherever you see the Mastercard logo.   

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