Can I Make Payments Over The Internet With My WeSwap Card?

The WeSwap card can be used online and works fine for most websites. 

Please remember to always select the local currency of the website when using your WeSwap card.

It's possible that the card won't work for certain websites if:

  • The merchant, for example Amazon, Waitrose, Ocado, don't ask for the CVV (the 3-digit code on the back of your card) when you enter your card details during the payment process, with these merchants the WeSwap card won't work. The CVV is important as this confirms the card is present or make an attempt to verify that the details inserted are indeed the ones of the card holder.

  • Some US merchants/websites may not accept prepaid cards, or cards with billing address not registered in the US.
  • The merchant authorise recurring payments. Some websites, such as PayPal and Netflix to name a few, authorise recurring payments store your card details and will therefore only ask for the CVV on an initial purchase and not of further purchases. WeSwap will always ask for your CVV on every transaction which will cause these transactions to fail.

The WeSwap card has CVV2 implemented, this means that when you enter your WeSwap card details into a website, you will be asked for your CVV (the 3-digit code on the back of your card) to authorise every transaction. This is an added security measure which will prevent anybody from using your card without your permission.

Please note that, if the merchant requests the 3Dsecure verification, the transaction will be successful. For more information about the 3D secure verification, check our dedicated FAQ

  • The website or the merchant attempts to take a test transaction in a currency that is not on your card, e.g. USD - as this fails the merchant will not proceed with the transaction.

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