WeSwap and PayPal

Can I use my WeSwap card to make purchases through PayPal? 

No, PayPal and other website such as Amazon and Netflix, to name a few, authorise recurring payments. WeSwap cards don’t allow recurring payments. These websites store your card details, so they only ask for the CVV on an initial purchaseWeSwap will always ask for your CVV on every transaction which will cause these transactions to fail. 

The WeSwap card has CVV2 implemented, this means that when you enter your WeSwap card details into a website, you will be asked for your CVV (the 3-digit code on the back of your card) to authorise every transaction. This is an added security measure which will prevent anybody from using your card without your permission. 

Can I link my WeSwap card to my PayPal Account? 

While its possible to link your WeSwap card to your PayPal account, we don't recommend it.  

This is because PayPal will send the CVV only on the first purchase, on further purchases, even if the card details are stored on PayPal, PayPal will not send the CVV to the merchant which will cause these transactions to fail. 


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