Are There Fees For Using My WeSwap Card?

Our mission is to make travel money as cheap, easy and fair for everyone as possible, and we’re super clear about our fees. Always low, always transparent. 

WeSwap Card cost:

Zero. Zip. Zilch.

Currency Swap fee:

Always shown upfront. Compare rates and pick what works best for you:

  • 7 Day Swap - 1.0%
  • 3 Day Swap - 1.3%
  • Instant Swap - 2.0%

Transaction fees:

Nope - none.

ATM Fees:

Any withdrawal over £200/$200/€200 – free.

Under this costs £1.50/€1.75/$2.25. See here for free withdrawals in other countries.

Certain other services we provide are costly to us due to third party fees, so for these we need to charge a small, fair fee to cover our costs. The main ones are:

Lost card replacement fee:

£4.95 (or equivalent in another currency).

Refund fee:

£5 for a bank or debit card transfer.

Remember, you can always spend or withdraw leftover balance instead.

See here for the full list of our fees and limits, including how much you need to withdraw for free withdrawals in other destinations.

And if you fancy comparing us to other options, you can do that here too!


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