How Secure are my funds?


Even though we’re not a bank, all your funds are securely held by our partner, IDT finance, a regulated bank.  

The funds you load on a WeSwap Prepaid Mastercard are held in a segregated account held in favour of cardholders. If anything should happen to either WeSwap or IDT Finance who administer the segregated account, all your funds would be repaid in full.

The specifics of that arrangement are:  

  • All customer funds are held as customer funds by IDT Finance in segregated customer accounts.  We don’t have access to these funds. 
  • IDT Finance monitors all accounts and transactions to safeguard and protect these funds. 
  • No customer can swap on credit, their funds are always already in the WeSwap system.
  • The card is specially designed for electronic use only, reducing the risk of fraud. 



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