What Happens If I See A Transaction On My Statement Which I Didn't Make?

If there is a transaction which is not correct, we can dispute this on your behalf. 

Try using this handy checklist before going through the disputes process. It could save you a tenner.

Have you:

  • Checked all your receipts and cross checked this with your account activities
  • Checked with the merchant if they have made a mistake.

If you need to get in touch with us please download our dispute form by going to https://www.weswap.com/en/idt-terms/ and in clause 14.1 you’ll see the link for the dispute form. 

Fill it in and send it to us including the following details:

  • Any receipts showing cancelled or void transactions
  • Any correspondence or confirmation of cancelled transactions you have from the merchant
  • The merchant name
  • The amount that you are disputing
  • The date and time of the incorrect transaction

We can not raise a dispute query with Mastercard without the dispute form completed. To send us your dispute form now, click on the submit a request button below. 

Please be aware that if the dispute is unsuccessful, meaning the merchant is has challenged the dispute, we will charge you the £10 chargeback fee.

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