I Don't Understand The Balance I'm Seeing At An ATM. What Balance Am I Actually Seeing?

The ATM will normally show your balance in the currency of the country you are in, not the balance of your individual wallets.

Please note that the balance displayed may not be 100% accurate, as the machine may have done some currency calculations before showing it to you. The most reliable place to check your balances is online. When checking your balance, remember that this is updated every 30 minutes.

In addition, an ATM may display a balance in your home currency, please note that this is an indicative conversion; it is not your home currency balance. For example, if you are in the UK it may show your balance as £100 and 125€. This "125€" is not the balance of your Euro wallet, it is merely your Sterling balance converted. Again, the best place to check all your balances is on your dashboard.

Click here to find out how to view your balance.


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