What Happens If My Card Is Lost or Stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen please block it straight away. You can do this on the website through your dashboard or the app. 

On the website

  • Log into your dashboard and click on Welcome drop down on the top right 
  • In the list, select My WeSwap Card 
  • A pop up should appear, click on Block card 
  • Confirm by selecting Yes  
  • If you click Cancel, your card will not be blocked 

In the app 

  • Tap the My Card tab at the bottom of the screen 
  • Select Block card 
  • Confirm by tapping Block card again when the pop up appears 
  • If you tap Cancel your card will not be blocked.  

If you find your card, you can unblock it by following the same steps. 

If you want us to send you a new card, you can order it through your website dashboard. Well have this feature in the app soon too. There’s a replacement card fee of £4.95this helps us cover the costs involved in the process. Once you request a replacement card, your current card will be cancelled (this means that it won’t work anymore). 

To order a replacement card: 

  • Head to the WeSwap website and sign in 
  • Click on the Welcome drop down on the top right of the screen  
  • In the list, select My WeSwap Card  
  • A pop up should appear, click on Block card 
  • Confirm by selecting Yes  
  • After you’ve blocked the card, a pop up will appear 
  • Ithe address we have on file is correct, just click Replace card 
  • If the address on your WeSwap account is not up to date, click on Update my address 

If youre changing your address, we may require you to upload a proof of your new address (a bill or bank statement in your name). 

If youre unable to block your card through your dashboard or app, or to get a new card, call our lost & stolen line immediately on 020 3053 6610 and we’ll block it for you.  


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