How Do I Let People Know That I’m Looking To Swap?

WeSwap will automatically find people for you to swap with in the exchange, if you choose. However, if you’d like to swap with someone in particular or help get your swap finished sooner, then you can “share” your swap request.

Once you’ve created a swap you’ll be given the option to share your individual swap link with your network or WeSwap Contacts. This will notify them that you’re looking for currency, and give them the chance to swap with you directly. You can also share your swap at any point by clicking “Manage” next to the swap on your Dashboard, and going to the “Share” tab. This will share your swap notification on facebook and/or twitter].

Alternatively, if you know someone in particular who you’d like to swap with, simply select them from your list of Contacts and set up a swap from there. They’ll be notified to let them know that you’re looking to swap with them.

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