How do I create a swap?

This is where the magic happens. Choose which currency you need and how much, we'll take care of swapping your money with fellow travellers. 

To swap, first make sure you've loaded your account with some money. Here's how to do that.

Then you're good to swap to travel money. 

  • Log in to access your Dashboard
  • Select Swap
  • Choose the currency you want to swap from. 
  • Choose which currency you'd like to get
  • Enter the amount you'd like to swap
  • Choose how quickly you need the money  
  • The only fee we take is a small percentage of your swap, based on how fast you need your money. Basically, the longer you give us to swap your money with other travellers, the better! The options are:
    • Swap instantly– Our fee is 2%* of the amount swapped. 
    • 3-day swap – Our fee is 1.3% of the amount swapped. 
    • 7-day swap – Our fee is 1% of the amount swapped. 
  • Hit Create Swap and you're done! We'll start swapping your money straightaway and will email you as soon as your money is ready to spend.  

How much will I get? 
We'll show you approximately how much you'll get after fees when you create a swap. This is approximate because it's based on that moment's exchange rate. Because the exchange rate changes over time, your final amount will depend on the rate at the time the swap finishes. 

Can my swap finish early? 
Yes! If you choose a 7-day swap and we find people to swap with you before then, your swap will finish earlier. But don't worry, you'll still only be charged the original fee for the swap you chose.  

Check out our Fees and Limits for the minimum amount you can swap. 

Remember, if you’re going away in over a month you might be better setting up a Smart Swap. Smart Swap is our in-app feature (it’s not available online yet) which lets you target the best future exchange rates. If your target is hit, we’ll swap your money automatically. Find out more here 


* For all users who registered prior to 08/05/2017, the instant and Smart Swap fee is 1.4%. 

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