Can someone else load or pay into my WeSwap account?

Unfortunately not. Your WeSwap account must be loaded by you using an account or debit card registered to yourself. An employer, for example, can’t load funds to your WeSwap account 

Under special circumstances we may permit a load from a third party. We review all requests individually and we’ll need the following information to do this: 

  • The name of the account holder loading your account
  • An ID document of the account holder - passport or full driving licence preferred
  • The type of load: debit card or bank transfer
  • The bank name and account type (e.g. Barclays Visa)
  • The relation of the card holder to you
  • Why it is necessary for someone else to load your account

You can submit a request here. Make sure to attach the documents mentioned above. We’ll review your request and get back to you.  

Submit a Request

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