We can refund your WeSwap balance and we charge a £5 fee for this.

It usually works out cheaper to withdraw funds from the ATM and remember it’s free to withdraw £200 or more from ATMs.

Still want a refund?

No problem, if you have money in a foreign currency on your card you can swap it back to your home currency at a swap rate of your choosing. If you want, we can swap the funds for you and we’ll do this as an instant swap with a 2%* swap fee.

Refunds require written confirmation and the below information:

• Card holder name:
• Reason for your refund:
• The amount:
• Currency:

• The name of your Bank (e.g. Barclays):
• Bank sort code:
• Bank account number:
• Public key account number (Don't worry if you don't have this only certain accounts do):
• BIC/Swift number (Don't worry if you don't have this):
• Bank Branch:

Without this information we can’t process your refund, so please include all these details for speedier results.

You can check all our fess and limits at this link
We can refund you and we charge a £5 fee for this.

 * For all users who registered prior to 08/05/2017 immediate swap fee is 1.4%

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