Blocking and Unblocking your WeSwap Card

Blocking your card is helpful if it's misplaced, lost or stolen. It will not cancel your card, it will only stop any transactions being performed (spends, swaps, loads or editing your details). 

You can block your WeSwap card on the website, we will soon have this available on the app as well. 

  1. First log into your dashboard.
  2. Click on “Welcome” drop down on the top right. 
  3. Click on “My WeSwap” Card.
  4. Click on “Block Card”.
  5. Select "YES" to confirm you want your card blocked. If you click "Cancel", your card will not be blocked. 

A pop-up will also show saying to contact us if you need a replacement card. And remember cards with swapping running can't be blocked. End or cancel the swap to block your swap. 

Unblocking your card

Repeat the steps 1-3 above. Click on "Unblock Card", select "YES" to confirm you want your card unblocked. If you click "Cancel", your card will remain blocked. 

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